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So interesting reading this Michael. Money that illusive commodity for most writers. When I started to write at age 40, having taught two years in a one-room school, attended university as a mature student (with 3 young children) and was urged by two Can Lit profs to be a writer, I naively thought I should be able to make as much money as a teacher did. It took a while to get over that! I was most fortunate to have a mentor, my husband, who kept me going both financially and emotionally. Many times I have lamented not returning to teaching, knowing I would have a pension now and we would be much better off. I watch so many Creative Writing grads who slip into publication seemingly with much less struggle. My first book, a children's book was rejected 32 times and finally picked up by Annick. Most of my books have been rejected multiple times and when published definitely did not take off. Now at 83, I have 3 new books coming out, one this fall and two in 2024, all by small publishers. Now, my only concern is having enough stamina as my double A personality is not as resilient as it used to be. Thanks again and keep writing your informative and well-written blogs.

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Very enjoyable reading today.

Take Care.


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