Jul 18, 2022Liked by Michael Bryson

A digression re Women Who Run with the Wolves. Quarry Press had just published my short story, Wolf, when in a Toronto bookstore, I picked up a copy of said book. Reading the introduction caused a shiver to run down my spine. My story, based on a dream I had, tells of Clara who escapes her family responsibilities to write in a cabin in the sand dunes. Walking in the dunes one moonlit evening, she is taken prisoner by a family of dune people who strangely resemble her own husband and children. Telling her they must protect her from the wolf, they retreat to the basement of an abandoned house, sitting around dim lantern light. When Clara feels hair growing on her arm, she knows she is turning into a wolf and must escape.

I still remember having this dream, of waking to run my hand down my arm and being disappointed I hadn't made the transition.

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